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    Have you noticed the newest thing in existence now?- LAND GRABBING. Hmm! This is a serious issue..o Somebody wakes up in the morning and jumps into a land that he knows quite well that it does not belong to him. Just like that..o, he starts to muscle the real/rightful owner/s to take this land. This is very very unfair and should be condemned in its entirety.

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    I think if you have your complete documents even if its just the original receipt for the land showing you bought it from the right source, nobody should be able to snatch that land off you.

    It would even be your fight but between your seller and the grabber.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    1. In many places, the kings and chiefs are the ones at the forefront of land grabbing. The notion that all lands belong to the king is being applied in the extreme. In many cases, possessing the proper documents doesn’t help. Many people, despite their power or wealth, have had to repurchase land they purchased legitimately.

    2. A lot of the land grabbing is also done by the ‘omo onile’ that is the children of those who originally owned the lands. These ones sell a land to someone and if the land is not developed after some time, they sell it to another person thus causing what often turns into a bloody war to break out between the old and new buyers.

    3. These set neither own land or have a right to any but because they are street wise and diabolical, they put undeveloped land -even some with uncompleted buildings- up for sale. In the days of the forgery ‘market’ called Balogun, they got forged land documents which are presented to desperate but naive buyers as authentic.

    My advice is, if you’re going to buy a land, first talk to the oba or baale in charge. One, this will stop you from buying the oba’s land from someone else and having to pay the oba to keep it. It also ensures that the ownership of the land at that current time is ascertained thus helping them to avoid two and three above.

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    It didn’t start now, it has been in practice for a very long time. And sometimes in igbo land they kill themselves because of land dispute, getting a land goes beat just paying and having your papers, if you buy a land in a rural area you have to establish good relationships with the chiefs and area heads for them to effectively secure your land for you, a friend of mine got a land and even agreed and allowed a farmer in the area to keep farming on it just to secure the land till when he is ready to make use of it. You have to be smart too when you are buying land, it goes beyond your wealth..

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    Yeah @samson,i agree to that. No one is gonna deny the fact, and that’s why having receipts is paramount.

    Now in a situation where you have two different people having two original like receipts, how do you go about it? I have heard of a man who sold out a land to two different individuals around federal housing in Adamawa state and issued each person a similar receipt, the man died and it was a serious case that almost brought chaos to the different family clans, it led to court of course. Didn’t get to know how that ended

    Another aspect is, you know most people at the villages don’t offer receipts, it’s just a verbal agreement and payment, when issues like that arises, how can it be resolved?

    I mean issues of land grabbing

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