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    I don’t know if any of you have noticed how most ladies behave when you take them out may be to a drinking joint or an eatery.
    They will virtually waste your hard earned resources
    How? you may ask
    The chicken you buy very costly, they will just eat very small part of it and abandon the rest for the trash being. What of the drink? The ladies are in the habit of sipping a little quantity of the content leaving the rest in the bottle for the ground.
    If you ever make the mistake of buying food for them, 1/4 of the food will not be eaten-I prefer to call what they do the food ‘Pinching’
    But watch them at home, on privacy, they will eat the chicken and grind the whole bones of the chicken, the drink?-they will drink it to finish and almost pour water to rinse the bottle and drink. The food? – they will finish it and leak the plate
    So why them do most ladies like to waste the men’s hard earned money?

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    [email protected] These ladies may be doing it because they feel it’s what the guy wants. I mean, if you carry a girl out and she starts licking her fingers and plate in public would you, the guy, be pleased? It could be that ladies think acting the way you described is the way to make you aware that they’re expensive. They may think that’s the way the guy wants them to act. They call it “formings” i.e pretending to be something that you are not. I’m sure guys too make ladies feel like they have to form around them.

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    Sometimes for one to be very natural is the best thing ever
    Live your life as you are so that your partner will know for sure how you behave
    If it soots him the two of you will carry on, if he feels your type of life is not what he wants he finds his way in time when it has not been late.

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    @chijann this is hilarious…

    Well, as a person I frown at such behavior.

    I don’t intentionally waste food when I’m on a date rather I’ll request for what I can finish.

    I frown at friends who do that too whenever I find myself in the company of more than two persons in date.

    That being said..

    If you as a guy takes a girl out and she behaves in such manner and you just wave it off and deep down you’re not happy, I’ll say you are the one that’s fake.

    You’re even worse than her.

    I mean, you should be able to tell her how you feel.

    You don’t like waste.

    You hate it when people waste food..

    Then next time she won’t try that if she goes out on a date with you.

    If you dintrebuke her, she’ll continue doing such.

    If I take a guy on a date and he behaves in such manner, I won’t take a sec before I call him to order.

    Things should be done in appropriate manner.

    What you tolerate, you can’t change.

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