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    The way and manner most government workers behave in their places of work can be very disheartening. They don’t show enough enthusiasm or care for their work which they were employed to do. Because most people see ‘government work as nobodies work, they tend not to be serious doing it. You can even hear some saying it openly -“IS GOVERNMENT WORK MY FATHERS WORK” So I ask- why then are you being paid? Please change your behavior.

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    I wonder why people do this.

    I remember while i was serving, I took French, Literature and English when i’m a little bit busy.

    Most of my fellow corps members were always asking me…
    “Why are you stressing yourself?”
    “19,800 is not worth the stress”
    After all the school is not paying Us

    Na Government work sef, bla bla bla..

    I only tell them one thing..

    “The way you handle the Government work you do is the same way you’ll handle your own when you establish”

    Again, i think Government should apply other strategies in supervising Government workers, they entrust duties into the hands of people and just become Nonchalant about it.

    Government should do more to Check mate Workers.

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    I blame this on the very poor supervisory role that’s supposed to be played by the government at all levels.

    I understand the government always ensure to employ individuals certificated for such jobs which should increase professionalism but without supervision is the opposite.

    Of course, junior staffs are usually placed under seniors for monitoring but who then monitors those seniors to make sure they are doing their work which includes inspecting the juniors?

    Supervisors not even affiliated to the working places would be best to creep up on these workers unexpectedly and make reports which should be reviewed on month end to determine promotion and demotion.

    External supervisors are best to reduce lobbying and familiarity or man-know-man bias which do render this activity useless when present.

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    It is quite disheartening about the general work ethics in Nigeria and worse still that of Government workers. A situation where tardiness is the order of the day, there is no work drive, like there are no goals or targets for Government agencies and institutions. Take the instance of the ongoing continuous voter registration exercise, you go to a registration venue and you find that the staff there have a negative attitude; both to work and to people who want to register. A situation where they tell you that they have been given a target to register 50 people a day and put in no extra effort to even exceed that target and even give all sort of excuses as to why they couldn’t even meet the target. You go to ministries and even security men at the gate and the secretary in the office are gods when you need something done from that office forgetting that it is why they were employed in the first place, contracts don’t get awarded properly or executed properly either because even the monitoring and evaluation team won’t do their jobs either. The total attitude to work of majority of Government workers is shameful at best.

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    Good observation Chijann.

    I don’t think the carefree attitude of the civil servant is limited to Nigeria alone, however the attitude to work in an organisation though desirable from workers should be seen in the leadership.
    What is the work culture in different agencies you visited, who is manning those places? Your answers may give you some insight into why these people behave so…..and abeg o, before someone rips my head off, we may want to investigate the going ons in these places. How are the workers treated, fairly or exploited?

    I went to the State and Federal tax offices in Lagos (cash cows for governments) last year … was more like, I stupidly walked in, and those staff were polite and treated me so well, I was actually worried, where am I thought, and even wanted to go and check the signs outside if it was really FIRS and LIRS. Well, what I needed was in LIRS and I unknown to me, all that niceness was preparing me like a lamb for the slaughter, because when they eventually finished with me, they hammered me with some unknown tax liability that sent me shivering, all that niceness went out the window for me 🙂

    The government boss who comes to Equity must come with clean hands: many of these workers are not paid for months and so there’s the dissatisfaction and disillusion among their camp and unfortunately they spew that over to their customers.

    I remember, I lived in a big teaching hospital in Nigeria and the Chief Medical Director would take staff salary including doctors and consultants and put the money in fixed deposits for months. You’d wander how such educated person would behave that way. If a medical professor can act that way and starve members of his medical profession, I sympathise with some of the lowly paid government workers in the hands of the oga at the top.

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    Don’t be fast to blame the workers,apart from the fact some workers are unserious,right here in Nigeria government workers where not paid for close to 9 months, they have families and some of which both parents are government workers , we are humans we give more attention to what we benefit from the most, if these people are not being paid they look for other sources of income, as thier children cannot starve. And when they do that it automatically reduces thier interest and seriousness in thier various government works.

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    Why would the government be strict on supervision why the cabinet members also neglect their duties? It doesn’t work that way

    A serious minded government would see to the activities and duties of the citizens at their work places. But no, not my government, simply because they don’t oversee theirs

    Imagine a government worker coming to work by 10am and closing by 12pm

    You would go so someone attends to you, but no, that person is no where to be found. Where has he or she gone to during working hours?

    You know, the problem with the work is the mindset most people have

    Someone would be like, let me go eat my own share of the national cake. So why won’t we have such attitude?

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I served in the ministry of information somewhere up north. Most of the time, workers came to work around the time salaries were ready and disappeared soon after. As a serious corper, I got to the office early (latest 8am) but found myself sitting outside till 9.30/10am before the gate man would open the gates to the offices. By 12/1pm he’d be looking at you cross ways meaning he feels you should be long gone. BY the third month of my service year, I had to blend. sometimes we would be playing draughts, chess or football at the corpers’ lodge when we were supposed to be in the office.

    That experience taught me that many who treat government work like it’s a play house do so because others do so. Some see working for the government as an opportunity for earning free money while doing their own jobs. The annoying thing is that over time they become so immured to working conscientiously that they see it as an inconvenience when they need to attend to you. The worst of these sets of people used to be in the general hospitals. I don’t know how it is now.

    The persistent victory of corruption over patriotism has also not helped matters. Many agency heads -either elected or politically appointed only appear at work to take huge sums of money. Workers who see them wonder why they should do all the work while a few grow fat -monkey working like a donkey and baboon eating like an elephant.

    To correct the ills, we must first show that no monkey is taller than the other. The boss must report at work same time he expects other members of staff to. The same closing time must be adhered to. Salaries and entitlements should be paid promptly while the ethics of the job should be enforced.

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