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    When someone is in a vehicle that is about to have accident but God forbid, most people try to jump out.
    Please this act is highly unadvisable.
    Be calm and stay inside, since it has been proven that most persons that have jumped in this situation mostly loose their lives
    When you remain calm in situations like this, you might come out safe
    Please it is more risky to jump out of a moving vehicle may be because you feel the vehicle is about to fall.

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    I’ve once heard about an accident whereby the vehicle had stopped and was about to fall to a side.
    This lady panicked and jumped out through the window only for the falling vehicle to land on her, crushing her to death while most of other passengers survived.

    Its okay to panic in such situation but sometimes its not only to act or make and take decision(s) out of that panic.

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    Staying in the car doesn’t guarantee that the person would live either. Someone might think, why not take the risk and jump out to see if I could save myself? So it seems more like 50-50 chance.

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