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    One of my favorite rappers dropped another studio album yesterday 20th of April, 2018 titled K.O.D which was an acronym with three full meanings.
    1. Kids On Drugs.
    2. Kings OverDose.
    3. Kill Our Demons.

    Each meaning seem self explanatory as he emphasized on drug abuse, addiction, prevention and withdrawal.

    I vibe so much with this dude due to his conscious lyrics about common decays of life which others have turned a blind eye to and even encourage just for the income.

    I fancy musicians especially, that are not ashamed to rap or sing against these vices that are socially becoming norms.

    Do you have other conscious musician(s) of any genre that you’d like to introduce us to?

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    Good artist performance from JCOLEs he tried a lot ,hardly you see any musical speaking against drugs rather they keeps promoting it which are detrimental to the life of youths,because it can leads to rapist,drug addict, armrobbery etc

    But The song science student by Olamide also speaks against drugs

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