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    Inter House Sports is a sports festival. It is always organized in secondary schools. These are series of sports competitions between the different houses of a particular school. At the end, a house wins. This helps to develop the talents of the students from a younger age.

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    Inter house sports in schools are beginning to worth less than before in terms of main purpose.
    It is supposed to discover grassroot talents, catch them young and help them grow but nowadays everything ends with the inter house sports…not follow-ups on potential athletes.
    Who would blame the school?
    When even the Nation so disregards sports and have her athletes as mere caricatures.

    The State government school I finished my teaching practice from held her own inter house sports out of compulsion by the district and you need to see how embarrassing it was to the concept of sports.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    Did you read the one about a student taking ten tablets of Tramadol in order to win a race in a school’s inter house sports? The menace of ‘win at all costs’ seems to have taken up residence in this most fun and innocent annual event.

    I call on teachers and those who have houses named after them to desist from actions or words that will fuel such a spirit in a child pushing him to take to drugs to make his ‘house’ proud. As a teacher and an umpire in several inter house sports, I saw teachers try to steal other people’s athletes by promising them or even giving them nice things. I think such an act is not helping to perpetuate the original ideals of the event.

    No one has the right to turn our children into monsters or drug addicts just because they want to lift a trophy.

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    Was it not our ministry of sports that said it did not expect our super falcons to win thier last trophy as a result causing the delay of thier payments, Nigeria has neglected sports too much the other time Mikel obi paid the billings of the super eagles in a competition they went for, no more value to sports in Nigeria like before which is very wrong, there are certain privileges a country would enjoy if they have excelling sports men..

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    The truth of the matter is the fact that most Nigerians do everything possible to win a competition

    You see some schools bringing in players from other places to help them compete with other schools

    You see selecting a team of over aged players representing my country at the under 17s, I believe my country, lol

    Taiye Taiwo some years back celebrated clocking 24 years somewhere in Europe, while his twin in Nigeria was celebrating 35. God is indeed wonderful

    Now back to inter house sports, this are activities created for recreation, to get to relate better with each other, to promote unity as a school. But you see one house is doing everything possible to beat the other. Yes I like and admire the winning spirit, but it shouldn’t be at all cost.

    Remember, win or not, you guys will still go to same class, study same things and stuffs like that. Don’t allow a field activity interfere with your normal life

    If there was something I anticipated so much back then in school, it was inter house competition. I was the house captain then, so I do the selection, come out as coach and oversee the activities of all the sports. A multidimensional coach, lol

    I liked inter house sports. Secondary School days was fun


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    When they choose to leave what is
    simportant and focus on irrelevant issues
    @Blackniser like i said on a post some time ago…

    The Government don’t really take sports activities serious in our country…
    Scratch that, not THE Government but rather THIS Government.

    @chijann inter house sports fosters and strengthens the spirit of sportsmanship amongst students.

    I for likes the competitive spirit though some children are taking it aboard.

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