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    Nigerians are worshippers. Everywhere you turn you see a church. A friend of mine once joked that there is no letter of the alphabeth that isn’t the beginnig letter of the name of a church including X and Z. He surprised me by mentioning names I can’t even recall. Let’s not forget how abokis completely ignore us when we go to buy stuff from them during their prayer time (which takes a good number of minutes). One is forced to stand there and wait especially if the aboki is the only one with what you want.

    Our faith in God is a major part of who we are as Nigerians. Even our history and colonization is rooted in God and religion. It has become something that we cannot do without. Many People are embarrased about this faith (especially those who claim to be very intelligent and logical)  tries to push it to one side as if the mention of God in a conversation is a taboo, or a show of archaism and poor intellect, but all that is denial.

    Religion and faith is rooted in our lives. It is in our actions/ways, words/discussions, etc. This page ( was created to promote intelligent conversations. Talks about religion is not less important considering how relevant it is in our lives.

    I know that there is a space for specialist topic but it isn’t enough. In Nigeria religion is specific; as specific as entertainment, politics, etc and I believe it should be treated as such here. This would allow bold conversations about our religious faith, bias, and difference (not in the negative) to be voiced. It should be singled out.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    @chinasa Thank you for your suggestion but considering how sensitive religion is/can be when discussed, I wouldn’t think it is wise to introduce it here
    It is not too good to engage in discussions that may lead to arguments that will fray the nerves and lead to anger….

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    @admin, I also wonder why there is no specific forum for education? Education is supposedly the most powerful weapon in the world (Mandela). I think it deserves it’s own forum.

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    Nigerians are religious but not spiritual,  if not,  would we be in this state if all of us especially our leaders are spiritual???, would your spirituality allow you to steal???,  loot, incite violence???

    We call ourselves religious but get act like pagans,  countries that are not religious are way ahead of us and atleast understood Wat it means to be a brother’s keeper but not us Nigerians,  who are always looking for a small opportunity to either kill or to destroy,  is that been religious??

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    Hello @chinasa,

    There is a stronger case for adding special sections for religion and education if there is sufficient evidence that there are a significant number of threads on the forum that already discuss religion and spirituality. It would not be optimal to create such sections and have them empty, because nobody was using them.

    I haven’t seen that there is a large number of such threads, but if you can post links to indicate that this is the case, then we can consider creating such sections.

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    @chinasa I don’t think there’s any need for that…
    The specialist section can take care of that.
    Considering how sensitive religious discussions can be…
    Religion in itself is sometimes a major factor encouraging disagreements in our society.
    Considering the fact that we have different people of different religions in this forum.
    The Specialist topics is just perfect for that.

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