If a man can cheat, a woman can too? Nah.

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    Relax, i’m not being sexist or anything,
    i actually agree with the saying ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better’
    but in cheating, the saying should be ‘what a man can do, a woman SHOULD do better’
    not meaning she should cheat better, she should do better.
    Men are just so lustful, they’d have the perfect woman waiting for them home,
    but one look at another lady with double Ds and a fat ass and they lost, even forget what they woman look like.
    Women are built in such a way it feels like they think twice as fast and are not easily tempted
    they can’t be lost or forget what they man looks like, they even see him in they head,
    giving them a chance to be reasonable enough to back out of cheating.

    But lemme guess, its not if a man cheats, a woman can too,
    its if a man can have fun outside, then a woman can too right? still Nah.
    a man can cheat with different girls, but hearing his woman cheats on him with one dude, he’s broken.
    not saying a woman can’t be broken, just saying its not the same
    when a man with a woman without a condom or protection,
    there’s this evidence or proof or logo in her that there was someone there
    but there’s no proof on him, the only fault there is he dropped is logo in her.
    lemme explain like this,
    lets say a man has a visitor and a girl has a home,
    when the visitor knocks and the lady lets him in,
    he stays as he wants, jump around and just before leaving, leaves a piece of him.
    now the man’s wife or woman can’t bare the thought cause he left a piece that was supposed to be in her home and her only in another home and shes hurt, understandable.
    the lady’s husband also is hurt because the home he thought was his, was intruded, widenend everything, and the piece thats there is not his.
    but when a condom is used, the man’s wife shouldnt be mad cause there’s no piece of her man in another home.
    not the same for the man, because even though there’s no piece of another man, the home he thought was his, was left wide opened for an intruder.
    And noone likes an intruder getting access to their home.

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    OK, I’m an advocate of “Equality for both Genders” however…

    Cheating is not something that anyone in their right senses will want to emulate.

    When we cheat, ┬ápeople gets hurt be it male or female…

    And I don’t think anyone will want to hurt another human because of their Inhumane act.

    Cheating is what it is…


    We should try as much as we can to preach against it, rather than egg a particular gender on because the other gender is expert at it.

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