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    The topic title of this post was the exact name of the movie I saw some past few weeks that was really informative especially after a friend of mine who fell victim of the same fraud shared his experience.

    It started with a stranger calling a man with the exact number of his bank while pretending to be the customer care agent who has been specially assigned to look into some random issues of his ATM card.
    She asked and collected the man’s credit (ATM) card details and almost immediately made a replica which she used to make unlimited withdrawals in the name of the man, the rightful owner.

    My friend came back from UNICAL for Salah holidays and also spoke on how the same call was made to him and how he innocently gave out his card information to a total stranger who undoubtedly pretended to be from the costumer service centre of his bank and almost immediately, fifteen thousand Naira (N15,000) was withdrawn from his account.

    I didn’t marvel much because every technology always have a hack or bypass.

    We should all be careful of the strangers we talk with, topics we discuss with them, information we share with them etc.
    Not only strangers but also known persons. Once the questions start getting too sensitive, we should always get more sensitive.

    And finally, never divulge card or bank account information over the phone instead we should endeavour to visit our banks in person and do a face-to-face with the helpdesk attendant.

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    @samson thanks for this.
    I was having a conversation with my sister yesterday and she narrated a story to me of a particular gang here in Lagos who steal phones, get the SIM cards and access bank accounts of the Sims which are linked to People’s Bank account…

    They get access and transfer funds from owner’s account to their own…

    This is another reason why people are advised to retrieve their Sims immediately they lose their phones.

    Another issue is divulging account information on social media.

    We should be very careful as sometimes others gets access to our gadgets.

    It is pathetic the way cyber crimes is on the increase of late.

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    All matters concerning someones banking activities I think are better settled in any of the branch office of the bank in question.
    One should never never give his sensitive account details to anyone outside the bank premises.
    Always ignore calls telling you this and that about your account but physically visit any of the nearest branch office of your bank if need be to discuss in person with the customer care.

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    These fraudsters are now rampant. Some also claim to be HR personnels like an experience I had a year ago.  I didn’t know how they got information of I and other corpers that served together and claimed to get them from our CLO. My alarm bells rang in my head when I was told to deposit some form money of 20k into a personal account number. Unfortunately, I learnt a colleague fell for it.

    Even recently, a form went round presumably from politicians offering some money. BVN no was included to be filled. I didn’t fill it in. I can never trust anything or anyone that well to divulge such information.

    Everyone really needs to be on alert and security conscious because fraud is now on the rise.

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    Once any amount of money is demanded online for some services, I get turned off unrepentantly.

    The major reason being that there are no concrete trace of such transfer for refunds in case of scam.

    Even online shopping, I still choose to pay on delivery or better still visit a nearest shop in person and buy the same stuff just for contingency sake in case I’d have to return or make complains.

    I’d advise others to always do the same and never pay online but go in person to nearest legit shops and get the same commodity.
    Worst case scenario, arrange a meeting with the person in an extremely public place, only during the day…and to avoid stories that touch.

    As for BVN, no other person aside you and your bank should know your Bank Verification Number, no even your closest family or friend.
    So, once anyone start asking for it, call bulls**t because they completely have no business with that number.

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    In the first place, the topic should be identity theft rather.

    And by the way, this is 2018, that your guy really was foolish (am sorry for using the word foolish) and for the fact that he is a learned student? He shouldn’t have fallen for that simple lie, I think every Bank do inform their customers not to receive any calls, reply any emails of anyone claiming to be working with the customer’s bank. Why would a Bank representative require for your Card Info outside the bank and you give them out?

    My message is simply going to people who are liable to be a victim of this, try to be cautious, don’t fall easy, Every number on your ATM card are there for a reason, don’t just display them as you like.

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