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    Kess Ukoko
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    Ego ruin relationships faster than anything else. In a relationship where there is issue of ego, that relationship risk hitting the rocks. When you are wrong but you just can’t humble yourself and say sorry because you feel by doing that you belittle yourself, there will be quarells, and simple issues will be a big problem because nobody wants to submit to the other.

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    Some persons naturally don’t know how to say sorry…
    Even when they feel the impulse to say sorry, their ego will not allow them.
    If only we can learn to swallow our pride we will discover that things are much more easier and we only enslave ourselves with Ego.

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    I have posted a topic on ‘sorry‘. This powerful word sorry can sometimes be killed by ‘ego’. Because of ego one refuses to say sorry when he is at fault and this can lead to break ups.

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    Just this evening, my girlfriend called and was like “you know we could break up right, and it’s going to be soon”

    I thought she was just joking. So I was like I hope the time comes

    She ended the call without saying anything.

    I didn’t know she was upset of the fact that I didn’t call her all through yesterday and earlier this afternoon.

    Yeah, I was supposed to call, but I didn’t

    My ego was telling me not to call back,  “why would she tell you that and you would call back after she ended the call on you”?

    I had to cut off my ego and called

    She sounded bitter on the phone, I could hear her sobbing. She said. Something like “so that was actually your plan”?

    I apologized and made her understood I was joking

    That was when she felt better and we talked as always

    Now imagine if I had allowed my ego to govern, it would have been a complicated issue by now.

    When in love, never allow your ego govern, it may lead to unnecessary problems

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>A little ego is also needed in relationships. don’t get me wrong it is not good to be too pompous to apologize, or to reconcile, but having a little “ego” as in self-esteem brings respect from your partner, I have heard couples say I love him/her for his/her self-esteem, don’t be too proud but have a level of self worth..</p>

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    Funnily enough, being too apologetic is also a turn-off.
    Trust me, I used to be.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    An absence of ego helps to realise that one has genuinely given the other a cause for worry or annoyance. Saying sorry is not the main thing. Ego tripping let’s you think that you are better than the other person or see them as making a mountain out of a mole hill. You think they should not take something seriously or important just because you don’t.

    Ego is what makes us listen to the other person talk not be cause we want to understand and see where we got it wrong but because we want to be able to give as good as we get. It is why many couples find themselves arguing over the same issues time and time again. I believe that when you agree to date someone, the first thing that goes out of the window is ego.

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    Who stays in a relationship without self esteem? Having ego is not a bad thing, but there are times when your ego is gonna cost you alot

    Have you ever been annoyed that you couldn’t control your ego?

    There are things that needs to be settled there and then, but because of your ego, makes it escalate to something else……right?

    I mean ego is cool, but know when to exercise that

    Some things you lose because of ego, you might not have the opportunity to retrieve it back

    I have ego and pride, but I never allow them govern

    For I know the consequences

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