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    Some call them ‘maids’ some call them ‘servants’ some call them ‘ house helps’.
    Any one you call them, they are humans like you and me. They have their dignity and therefore deserves some level of respect.
    Treat them well as you treat your own children. Don’t abuse them with work. Talk modestly to them and do not abuse them no matter what. Pay a meaningful salary to them and give necessary help you can give to them. Nobody knows what tomorrow will be.

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    The topic of house help and their masters is often a touchy one.

    House help abuse by their masters especially the women is almost an everyday news but so also are cases of house helps abusing their masters and doing mind boggling things to children left in their care.

    A few house helps and the families they live with have such a lovely relationship that you would almost wish to be them. Though no one can ever truly tella person’s behaviour but I think if we could start investigating families, even a little before sending our children to them and if children could also be investigated before taking them as helps, these issues would reduce. I believe we need an agency that would control keeping of domestic help. They would pay inproptu unoficial visits to see how the helps are treated and how the helps treat the masters and their children, have a controlled environment where the helps will be examined for abuse by medical and oral examination and also where children put in their care are examined too. There should be laws guiding keeping a domestic help.

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    Some few weeks ago, I saw a picture of a lady celebrating her house help birthday with her 2 kids online. They were all dressed in a blue top and a black trouser and looking just happy including the house help.

    I was just so happy seeing that…. I don’t know what happens at their home, but seeing that picture alone made me conclude good things

    Pictures speak louder than voice.

    Just treat your house help fairly

    The fact that they work for you doesn’t mean they are slaves

    Talk to them

    Be free with them

    Know what’s wrong with them

    And give them a free soace

    Let them just be happy

    Let them know you care about them

    They themselves would love to work with you for good.

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    Some people take househelps as slaves especially when they are been paid or fed or schooled.

    These people are so ignorant of one fact that “what goes around comes back around.”
    The way you treat them will go a long way in determining how they also treat your own children.

    With few exceptions of psycho-conditions, most househelps tend to transfer whatever aggression from their masters to their masters kids.
    Now, taking advantage of this psychology, we should learn to be fair in their treatments.
    YES, they are not our child but they are semi-parenting pur child(ren) and thus deserve a good treatment so as not to wish and exert revenge on our kids.

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    The house helps are people’s children too.

    If only everyone bringing children into this world will adequately cater for their children, another couple will not maltreat them like that.
    However, that being said, it is only human for people to treat their house helps as they will treat their own children.
    If they have it in mind that these house helps may be of help to them on future, they will have no option but to treat them well.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    The problem stems from not seeing house helps as normal employees. When you take someone as a house help, it is just like employing someone as a cleaner, messenger, sales girl, clerk, driver, etc. What many fail to realise is that the moment you employ a domestic servant -driver, cleaner, maid, and so on, you place your life and your family’s in their hands. If you are not good to them, you risk the danger of turning them into collaborators with outsiders who will harm you. They themselves may even take it upon themselves to do the harming.

    Aas for the house helps who act wickedly towards their employer’s child (ren), the problem usually stems from how the house helps were sourced. In 2016, I got to the motor park where I would board a bus to Sagamu. There I saw a young girl, about 16/17, standing by a tree close to the motor park. A group of men was persuading her to return to where she was coming from since she didn’t have the transport fare for Sagamu. She was from Cotonou and was running away from her mistress. She had been tricked by an aunt the previous year and brought to Nigeria under the guise of going to school and helping with her aunt’s kids.

    In the aunt ‘sold’ her to another woman who brought her to Ogun state from Lagos. No school, no salary, and the girl started protesting. Her reaction led to severe punishments, including starvation. That was why she decided to run away. Many others didn’t run away because they couldn’t so would take out their vengeance on the children.

    One must carefully investigate where the house helps are coming from and be sure to treat them the way one would treat an employee at his place of work.

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    Don’t always see the fault in the families that bring in house helps some house helps are naturally problematic. Some of them are angry about what they are doing and intentionally cause problems.

    A video went viral few years ago which unknown to the house help a CCTV camera captured.

    She beat the little child and even stepped on her stomach, because of anger which later caused the child’s death.

    There are families that are very good and hospitable to house helps unlike others, but some of the house helps are just wicked naturally.

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