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    A few mornings ago, I was medit-praying (pondering and praying) about the lives of most Lagosians (and by extension Nigerians) and how tough things generally are living in Lagos (and Nigeria).
    I do feel that most government-people just talk the talk and have never, or no longer want to walk the walk. They either insulate themselves from the realities on ground or by virtue of their office, are insulated from understanding what the average person on the street goes through.

    Could it be that some of these government-people just “form busy”, make few statements here and there, take pictures to support their “forming busy” and eventually conceive thoughts like, “Ahah!….Am I the only one they elected into government, na wetin sef!”,  “Abeg…I cant come and die o!”, “See, ehn, if I give these featherless chickens some corn, I hope they will leave me in peace and let me enjoy my own dividends of democracy.”

    While still pondering in pain for my “kontiri” people, I had a flashback to when I lost my mum and a “friend” of mine called to “commiserate” with me. I’m sure you’d say, aww…that’s such a good friend, until in a subsequent conversation, in between the so called “commerserating”, he actually told me to “get over it“.


    Yes I was shocked and upset with him but emotionally exhausted to have a go at him. He was simply ignorant. It’s been a while since then and I have come to understand that unless you’re in someone else’s exact or similar shoes OR alternatively, you are actually very good at being empathetic, you just can’t get it! If that “friend” of mine had lost his mother before that conversation his speech, attitude and actions would have been one of a wise person.

    If you can’t get or understand what the other person is truly going through, you’d end up living your life in la-la land, thinking everything is great pertaining to that issue, and would be wondering what the heck the other person, who needs your help, is “complaining” about.

    This is probably the same with many people in positions of authority who fail to see the potential of their position and fail to maximize the use of their authority for the full benefits of those under their jurisdiction. For this discussion, I refer to political leaders at all tiers of government.

    We read of epileptic power supply in some places and in other places there’s eternal darkness – thanks to NEPA or PHCN. For me the buck stops at the Minister (Fashola’s) table, who I’m very sure doesn’t experience darkness at home or office. The pauperized citizenry, many who die because they can’t afford to buy medications costing a few hundreds of naira; while we have government-people and their family spending millions on medical checkups. We constantly read of fatal road accidents thanks to the poor state of the roads, and even highways, while the government-people terrorize you on these roads with their anti-potholes SUVs. Among these many trials Nigerians endure, we now have the slaughterings of people with reckless abandonment all across Nigeria. The natural passing away of a loved one cuts deep, repeatedly hurts and lingers almost forever. How much more emotionally and psychologically painful is the brutal killing of loved ones and in some cases an entire family by all these terrorists operating under the umbrella of religion, ethnic oppression, regional independence or protection of livestock? Some would think the voices of those screaming for the rescue of the Chibok girls have grown weary and faint, but whatever the decibels currently produced, I salute their efforts over the years. It’s things like this and much more that makes me think convincingly that government-people don’t care and just don’t get it!

    Last year, the Presidency invited me to attend the birthday party of X, and there were lots of VIP present: Governors, ministers, DGs and foreign diplomats. At that event I got a clear view of why it can be pretty hard for many government-people to connect with the ordinary-people. The trappings of power, opulence in government and the legions of “Yes sir” people everywhere will easily make them fall into the cushiest comfort zone ever; and make them forget reality. But who’s reality, theirs or the Nigerian people?

    The experience made me recall a video interview of former president Jonathan while he was in power, which I stumbled on via ThisDay’s website. He actually looked and sounded more surprised than I was by his utterances. He was going on about the fact that Nigeria now had light everywhere and all the roads in Nigeria were good and doesn’t understand why people are complaining. Chai! There is God o! Biko which country was my president talking about? Oga no be your fault, Aso Villa is a nice place to live – who no like better tin. Unfortunately, the president had been well insulated and had not experienced the agonies of the common on the street, hence those statement.

    Now, what if several families of top government-people had been raided years ago, as were the Chibok Girls back then, what would have been the reaction of the government and how would they have employed the Armed Forces to get their family members back? Some 15 years ago, Iyabo Obasanjo’s Peugeot 406 got stolen and taken across the Nigeria-Benin border. Suddenly the Nigeria government went into swift action to arrest the kingpin involved, Ahmed Tijani. This matter even got the president of Benin Republic to meet with president Obasanjo on the arrest and prosecution of Ahmed Tijani. The simple fact is, Iyabo is not a gofment-pikin but a government-people pikin 🙂

    Some government-people may truly not know the state of things simply because those around them ensure they remain oblivious to the uglier truth. However to those people and everyone high up in authority (including religious and corporate) riding their golden chariots, I only wish for once you all could just get off your chariots and connect with your constituency. Alight and get the true “down to dusty earth” experience, and perhaps we will see some of you transform into leaders because if you are not one that truly empathises with those you govern, then are you truly leaders?

    Arghh…..Maybe it’s the heatwaves that’s making me think that government-people don’t get it. Let me go drink some water but please what’s your experience with your local government chairman and state governor? Do you think they truly feel your pain? Do you think the Presidency and National Assembly get it and truly understand the pains of the average Nigerian?

    Please share your views that I may learn.

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    Politicians in Nigeria are too greedy and live i dont care life,how would i feel for my fellow person when i only care about myself ,many have gone through a lot of trauma,many has lost their life because of ailment that requires a little money but to them it is a lot,the rich are getting richer ,while the poor are getting poorer,why cant we join our hands together and help ourselves atleast with that Nigeria would be little better

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    @chibaby, it’s not about them being greedy, it’s about the fact that we the citizens contribute to their nonchalant attitude.
    Take this for example; as a business man or a civil servant who has worked all his/her life to save, then later decides on going into politics, what do you expect after the person has spent all his life savings on campaigns and buying votes from we the citizens?
    Certainly, he’s going to replenish what he has lost during the course of his campaign if he wins the election in double folds before he looks at anyone. And you know the search and need for money by man is insatiable.
    So unless we change our mindset, by choosing our leaders, people we love, people we think will work for us, without them having to buy our votes, then the situation is always going to be the same. Let’s change our mindset and make a difference. Let’s make our people understand that we make the government, and what we do because of the little money we are being given in exchange for our votes will certainly get back to us through the entire governing period.

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    That’s the output of human government. Its never within their power to rule over humans. Because it will always be unsatisfactory and corruptible.  The ignorance of man.

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    The government has prooffed itself unworthy and the governed had also proofed itself unclear, when it comes to ideological terms.

    They are busy making life comfortable for themselves and their generations to come.

    The masses are busy clamouring them with praises. not realizing the passage of time.

    Karma will never seize as some of our looters are filling it.

    Nigerians should wake up and decide what will happen in Nigeria.

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    Moreso prosperity Does Not Come By Magic

    Indeed, leaders can come from anywhere; anybody can achieve success and prosperity. It doesn’t matter where you are. Our problem is that we have failed to pass on quality education to our children. We have failed to rouse in them the passion for hard work. We have replaced dignity of labour with cutting corner prosperity and many are today eating the bread of laziness.

    We need to go back to the drawing board and get it right. We need to teach our children the benefits of hard work and ways to work hard to gain those benefits, because prosperity does not come by magic.

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