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    You said to yourself …”I am a big man/woman” please what positive impact have you created towards the people around you?…. Why being happy leaving in a mansion with a big fence when your neighbor is suffering with a mud house? Brother When last did you visit the orphanage, prison yards, Hospitals to rescue the innocent? What can you be remembered for even when you are gone? What legacies will you leave behind?..hmmmn judgement day will be terrible for many people if we don’t have a rethink and stop being hypocritical. Is a food for thought.

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    Those are enriched should make  long dining tables. Instead they are building long fences.  Charity giving is a seed for life.

    Impacting into life’s is the best sacrifice ever.. Many do not want to help out their subordinates. Life is filled with vanity which ends here on Earth. Do good while alife

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    He who has not remove the dirt from his eyes, cannot pluck out the wood in another man’s eyes. It has become a trend for everyone to keep accusing the rich and well to do for not extending a helping hand to people. But, how many are willing to step into the path they followed,how many can starve just to invest in their future?

    The poor keeps thinking “since I have no money and am poor, the best I could do is to await help from the wealthy”. But everyone has their spending schedule. If all the rich men in the world give out to the masses, some will still remain poor.

    Why not stop expecting, and work till you have to give, if everybody has the mindset of a giver and not a TAKER, we would have eradicated poverty, cause he who wish to give will work to have.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    There is this sense of entitlement I have come to find in a certain set of people. My current community aptly illustrates that. Because you wear a suit, are seen driving a car or anything that suggests that you are a little comfortable, everyone begins to see you as a source of freebies. Now make the mistake of giving to one or two and you become a father Christmas. Everyone expects you to give and give. The ones you give to will always expect to get from you. Once a group of guys I used to ‘drop’ for urgently stopped the bike I was on. The oldest among them was the first to get to me and he said, ‘Bros long time. It has been long since you gave us something.’ Long time was the previous week when I went to buy fuel.

    Others will fabricate stories just to get something from you. A young labourer got ten thousand naira from to discharge his wife and new baby from the hospital. I found him at the local beer parlour later in the evening and was told he was ‘tripping the boys’ in celebration. That was money I worked hard for and wouldn’t have used to trip anybody under any circumstances. Is there any wonder then that the rich in our society build higher walls not longer tables. They have come to realise that ‘if like soap you seek to wash people clean, the like soap you will melt into nothingness in the process.’

    I hold to be gold these words by Emmywealth, ‘Why not stop expecting, and work till you have to give, if everybody has the mindset of a giver and not a TAKER, we would have eradicated poverty, cause he who wish to give will work to have.’

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    The food for thought here is emphasizing more of orphanages, prisons etc. Giving to street niggas really doesn’t count much as charity.
    Giving requires wisdom just like everything else. Find out that soul that is crying out for the very little help to establish him or herself. Preach self employment to as many that keep their hands out on a daily and if they don’t heed…stop giving them.
    That’s my philosophy.
    And by the way, the best form on giving is anonymously.

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