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    It has become obvious how individuals take to the streets especially on weekends to engage in physical activities.

    I see them a lot in my school and admire their efforts but majority go about it in ways that does more harm than good.
    Below are noteworthy for proper exercising.

    1. Simple to Complex.
    If it your very first time or has been long you last engaged and wants to resume, it is safer to start from the simpler skills and gradually progress to the complex.

    2. No pain, no gain.
    This is a false and dangerous mentality for exercising.
    Its more like saying you can’t exercise without tearing your muscles or breaking your bones?
    The only reason you should feel pain after exercising is when you’ve never done it before or has been long you last did it, only then should you feel pain as the muscles tries to adjust but over time, if you continue feeling pain after the same exercise then you are dangerously overstretching your muscles.

    3. Eat Right.
    I’ve seen people after exercising, eating the same food combo that prompted the exercise.
    Obesed taking overdose of fat immediately after burning some fat which cancels out the effect of the exercise and burdens more on the body that keeps exercising in vain.

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    Thanks for the tips. It is very educative. The funny one you said is -somebody exercising to burn fats and after the exercise starts eating fatty foods again.
    All the same this is well noted.

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    Nice tips, and of most important is relax well and have a sound rest.

    Rest as well as food is needed so our body system doesn’t crashes

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    @samson beautiful tips.

    But just to add…

    *We should learn to take water and take good amount of it.

    In the early hours of the mornings before we go to bed etc.

    Most people see me and inquire how I work out…
    Me, I don’t even really have strength for working out but I take water a lot, I eat fruits and vegetables too.

    I watch what I eat.

    It keeps me fit.

    So water is very essential to exercises.

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    An appreciated contribution but was it me or did you sound like there was no need for you to exercise since you watch what you eat?

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I suggest dancing and walking for those who find it difficult to engage in conventional exercises. Because of soft tissue injuries, that is what I do. I play any Nigerian dance hall music and dance for an hour or thirty minutes. Exercise is necessary especially since many of us cannot afford the time to study certain diets that will help with caring for our body -internally and externally.

    Drinking water? Drinking water isn’t a substitute for exercise. Water is a cleansing agent and gets rid of toxins and waste products in the body. Exercise helps the body to be in good shape to resist the damaging effects of wear and tear of every day activities. Take some water after your exercise and if you can manage it, drink some coconut water for its electrolytes.

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