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    Each thing in existence has its own effect, and significance, for instance:
    The gravitational force; significance of the gravitational force is to draw things together, allowing compositions to exist.
    The stars; significance of the stars is to pour out light and heat into the world
    The seed; significance of the seed is to allow the perpetuation of organic life.
    Even within man himself each limb, faculty, and organ has its own distinct significance and function, for instance the function of the heart is to allow the flow of blood throughout the body.
    Now, when everything in the world surrounding man, and even within man, has its own unique significance and function, is it conceivable that man himself should exist without any unique function or purpose?
    Man is the culmination of all evolution in this material world; he is the greatest fruit of planet earth. Is man willing to live an existence without any significance or purpose when all inferior and unconscious forms of existence surrounding him and even within him bear witness to their own significance and purpose?

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    Everyone has its own purpose of existence ,and if as a person you Dnt have purpose on earth you are doomed for life and a waste.Build your future and make a good reference for yourself


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    life itself is for a Purpose. A purpose driven life can be achieved by not just hard work but encouragement,especially from Loved ones. support also comes to go a long way to help the encouragement..

    This is a great write up. we need to encourage and support the younger ones who are coming up to take up the mantle. still we are to aspire to zenith for purpose to manifest.

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    Food for thought

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”><b>There’s a reason for our existence, we might not know why, but HE</b> knows<b> why. And we all are important in our own unique way, so there’s no point looking down on others or feeling superior when supposed to be humble. Nice write up brother. </b></p>

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    Life itself is for a purpose.
    A purpose driven life is the only fulfilment that can bore great fruit to Man and his environment. Man is willing but the circumstances around him, the materials he can’t reach may hold him down not to add his quota through his life spam.
    This brings in help to the upcoming. the passage of footage to the future generation in the sand of time. will go a long way to making life better.

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