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    Education is indeed the best legacy but unfortunately not everyone would go to the college. However, even if college isn’t the best option for you, you still have to be educated to make an impact. Hence we all need to keep learning and gaining skills to support ourselves and make the desired changes.

    So in a case where school is great for some but isn’t great for you, what do you do? What alternatives do you have that can still stack up your potentials outside the corners of a traditional classroom? Whatever your reason(s) for not being in college, does that mean you should resign to your fate and become redundant up there?


    There are other practical alternatives to college that can align with your learning objective(s) and cognitive strength. You’ve got online courses, short term project-based classes, or going for long term skill-based programs as other viable options. And the beautiful thing here is that all these options share a common attribute as they combine the traditional classroom education with real life problems.

    So the fact that you’ve got no ideal college experience doesn’t mean there are no other avenues that can equip you with the needed theoretical background as well as infuse the capacity of applying such knowledge in world problems. In fact, when it comes to the closest traditional education alternatives (especially via learning by doing), then any of these 3 broad alternatives might just be your best bet;

    1. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) e.g. Coursera, Udemy, Khan Academy, Treehouse, Udacity, Pluralsight and the likes.

    2. Bootcamps e.g MissionU, Coding Dojo, Andela, Young Professionals Bootcamp e.t.c.

    3. Online schools (whether for-profit or nonprofit).

    For instance, the fact that you dropped out of high school doesn’t imply that you can’t commit to learning other valuable skills. If this is your case, then a bootcamp could be the perfect way out for you to upskill yourself as long as you’re determined to learn. Even if you’re an orphan who shuttles between several jobs to make ends meet, you can still make the best from the few free hours you have by participating in a MOOC. And if you’re targeting precise skills for some particular occupations, then you can go for the online schools that are non-exploitative.

    Thus, irrespective of your personality, situation or lifestyle, there are sure alternatives that can work for you as one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to education. The earlier we all begin to realize that education isn’t just about penning our names on pieces of paper, the better it would be for us as a society.

    You have all it takes to keep learning.


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    Great at shanks. Education is both formal and informal. Not all has to occur in a classroom. It is well known that many of the world’s revolutionaries were self-taught/informal or couldn’t/didn’t finish college; Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, etc

    The problem in this part of the world is that we are solely focused on formal education as if it is the only means through which a person can become to the point where those who didn’t go to college are either looked down on by others or do themselves the injustice of looking down on themselves.

    Yes, formal education is very beneficial to a person, as one gets to meet and collaborate with others who are either smarter or as good as them, but I’ve found that the most intelligent even in the formal world are still persons who spend time outside the classroom developing their own skills and knowing, proving what they were taught in class for themselves and deriving their own knowledge from it. So it doesn’t really make a difference whether you went to college or not. Learning and growth is dependent on individual drives.The world though has become so paper-minded and that is truly affecting the creativity of a lot of persons.

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    Most times, going to the college will not even give you the desired level of education needed.
    You still have to come down and acquire the desired education from the field not the college
    Most people get their knowledge from being apprentice to the masters of particular professions and they come out doing very fine and even teach the people who went to college to learn the same profession.

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    @chinasa and @chijann, thumbs up for those 👌 contributions.

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    @shanks – That’s insightful but it’s a pity that we may keep painting a bleak future for our education if we continue to place more emphasis on certificates just as @chijann and @chinasa hinted in their replies. Education should be targeted at an all-round development and shouldn’t stop within the walls of conventional classes.

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    @shanks – Education is the most powerful weapon and it is indeed not just about going to the college as the aspects of inculcating positive values and continuous learning (outside the formal environment) must not be neglected. That’s why we have lots of educated people who went to schools but their respective institutions didn’t pass through them.

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    Great post @shanks. Education doesn’t only entail what we obtain in the four corners of our classroom, it involves a whole lot more like personal development.

    Formal Education however is very essential as you’d be needing it for communication and how to go about your business. So we can’t completely downplay formal education. It might not have much impact here in Nigeria but it has elsewhere in developed countries.

    Our disappointments spring up from that fact that we think since we’re formally educated, we have to use it to fend for ourselves, and it is quite sad that Nigeria has made being a graduate frustrating. But what formal education does is to open our ability to think and give us a wider opportunity. This doesn’t mean we should dwell all our success on Formal education especially in a country like ours. One can learn a trade or business alongside in case the desired job isn’t forthcoming. You’d see that educated businessmen and artisans do better than their uneducated counterparts. They’ll also know to invest their money wisely.

    Formal education is a key to success but not the only key to success. Even though we’re not exceptional in it, we should try to acquire it.

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    Rightly said @shanks
    In fact, the four walls of any college sometimes is just a necessity…
    There are still those who are Self-taught (Auto-didactic) They practically Learn how to read and write from the comfort of their with determination and consistency.
    They’re good and also successful.
    Besides, there are other forms of education asides Formal education.

    @janetcolette, formal education is a key to success but it is not the only key to success. In other words, it is a way to success but it is not the only way…
    There are several other ways.

    Most successful people in Nigeria didn’t have formal education, some pursue their Education after they were made.

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    Thank you all – @juliana, @4evergrace, @janetcolette, @mayjovey.

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    Education just as said is not about going to college, but learning how to live and earn a living. Education is not the name of all the degrees or certifications obtained, education is our attitude, behavior and relationship with others. Some of our fore fathers never went to college, but they always have solutions when problems arises. What is that called? Education is not about college, education is life entirely.

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    We really need to separate education from schooling before reduce the effects of the latter on the former to zero.
    What is education?
    What is college?
    Education is learning.
    Schools are one of citadels for learning.
    It is not like the schools should be scrapped because they don’t provide education?
    That would be fallacy.
    The system provides her own type of education which is formal and which unfortunately is becoming overrated in our society but doesn’t mean Education is not going to College rather we say, an all-round education can never be gotten at just one of the citadels of learning.

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