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    Yes you can entertain your self by going out to joints, restaurants,hotels and other recreational centers to take one, two or three bottles of beer,soft drink,spirit or any other that is your brand. My advice to you now are: DRINK RESPONSIBLY, MAKE SURE YOUR DRINK IS WELL CORKED AND OPENED RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, ALWAYS BE WATCHFUL. IF YOU MUST DRINK AND LEAVE YOUR SEAT MAY BE TO GO AND EASE YOUR SELF, CARRY YOUR DRINK ALONG. IF YOU DID NOT CARRY YOUR DRINK ALONG, YOU CAN EVEN POUR IT AWAY WHEN YOU COME BACK TO YOUR SEAT. Please add other safety tips you can remember concerning ‘Drinking In Public Places. Let us save life….

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    Absenteeism is forever the best safety measure but when you can’t do away with green bottles, try to drink within the confides of your privacy.
    It takes someone to harm someone.

    Or you could also have a handful of drinking buddies with whom everybody knows you with so if anything goes wrong atleast a specific amount of people that has something to lose can be held responsible.

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    Drinking is an habit which is not bad unless it is excessively done.

    @chijann you’ve practically mentioned all the essential point.
    One thing i’ll add is…
    Do not drink and drive.
    Some persons carry the remnants of their drinks in parties into their cars.

    This is very bad because this can cause road accidents.

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    And even if you must drink in public places don’t join a table of people you slightly know, make sure you know them fully well, a man stayed in jail for over 10 years because he innocently joined a table of armed robbers to drink and when the police came they took all of them as criminals and they where imprisoned. If you must drink in public be alone or drink with close friends. Or better still stay in your house.

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