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    Please a man who really knows what relationship is all about should always try to help his wife out with some domestic jobs.
    When your wife is in the kitchen cooking, you as the husband can help her to cut the vegetables, grind pepper.
    While preparing the kids for school in the morning, the man can help to bath some of the kids while the wife is buzzy preparing breakfast. You as the man can even help to sweep the rooms.
    By so doing, life goes on smoothly and everyone feels happy.

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    Exactly @chijann. She’s your wife and not a machine

    Marriage is a union

    If you can eat together

    Talk together

    Have sex together

    Quarrel together

    So why not do Some work together?

    Help your wife. This gives her time to rest and also appreciate you more.

    There’s no stigma in washing, cooking or even cleaning up the house as a man. It’s all the hand work of our people.

    For how long are we gonna hold on to that?

    I came back from work some time ago and I saw my dad cleaning up the house. I opted to help, he said “don’t worry son, you just came back from work…. Go and have some rest”

    Despite that, I still came back and we did it together. Mum was at work then

    With what I see from my dad, not just the cleaning stuff, but many other… I have no reason why I shouldn’t help out my wife with some household chores.


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    Femi Onileagbon
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    It involves commitment from both parties. The woman should never take it for granted that the man ‘must’ always do these chores while the man must never conclude that the woman is a donkey of all chores.

    I understand the clamour for equality and freedom and all but the man is the man and the woman is the woman. I don’t expect my woman to go and fix the socket or a burnt wire anywhere in the home just as I don’t expect her to cut down a trespassing tree or climb a ladder to fix the cable dish/antennae. This is not because I think she is not capable of doing so but because I believe it is not her job as long as I am around.

    I will help, in fact I am always helping without being asked to, but when someone expects me to enter the kitchen when I am hungry, I will give some consideration to why I have to do so. If she has valid reasons for telling me that, no problem. If not, there will be a sovereign family conference comprising both of us. Does that make me a misogynist? You tell me.

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    It brings better understanding in the family, there are carrier women that sometimes don’t have time to do all the chores and are as busy as thier husbands.

    Some are CEO’s managers etc and don’t have children or house helps. it has to be a collective duty between the two of you.

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    Women and men alike are built differently. when it comes to house chores,  both can assist each other. However, a typical misogynist assisting his wife sees it as a thing almost impossible because he feels a woman should do that as those are what she is suppose to be doing while a typical feminist even if she can do it will expect the man to do it by force. There should be an understanding in marriage and people should not make it a battle ground for the sexes. This way, spouses can help/assist themselves without making any fuss about it.

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