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    My friend and I were having this conversation some nights ago and he emphasized on how he hated very trivial greetings like “Happy new month, day, year, Merry Christmas, birthday etc.” He said they were too petty and after critically analysing those greetings, concluded that they were also embarrassing for someone of his intellect to engage in and funnily enough I share those notions too.

    Like wishing anyone “Happy all those things” does not in anyway guarantee that they would be happy throughout that “whatsoever” so why waste the strength but unlike him, I’ve also thought it beyond that perspective long ago.

    Considering only how it makes you feel is annoyingly selfish.

    The recipients of those greetings may not share the same view and it is too self-centered of one to not consider that fact before conclusion.
    In this case, the recipient was his girlfriend, who appreciate those things and he was kind of disappointed.
    Had to remind him that if something really matter to someone and that someone really matter to you then that thing should matter to you too because the person that it matters to, matter to you.

    Most people cherish some of these things we may call petty so much that they would take offence if deprived and the least we can do is step out of our character for those we really care for

    Everything can’t and shouldn’t always be done our way, make exceptions and see how well that relationship will bloom, especially when they see how honestly you coping with their odds.

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    Most things we do are not necessarily for our own fulfillment most of the time.
    One should not always be self-centered. Sometimes one should not always consider those things he cherishes, love or see as important before doing them
    Think of others and make them happy too trying to give them satisfaction with those things they feel that matter to them
    The things you see as being unimportant might be the things your neighbors,friends,relations value.
    So you have to do those things for their sake not for your own sake
    In this way,everyone is happy and life goes on.

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    Some people just pick on having issues with what is popular so they can sound smarter. It’s pettiness to have problem with simple greetings. If one does not like the popular greeting, then create your own special greeting.

    Rather than the popular HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  you can find something else like HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR AHEAD.

    Greetings isn’t for us to like, it’s for others to know we appreciate and thought of them. That small greeting could go a long way in the receiver’s life. Let’s not be selfish with our greetings.

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    You can simply assume it’s waste of time to say Happy New month or so, sometimes we do things out of our comfort zone to boost others,  that simple gesture of saying happy to somebody could change his sad mood to good,  is there anyone who wouldn’t want to be happy??  Or let alone wished for happiness????  That happiness or good tidings awaiting you could come to you not because of you but because of someone who wished you that and perhaps has favor, that is why intercession is always encouraged because who knows,  maybe the things we want might not come because of our way of life but because of someone,  wouldn’t you be happy to reap the benefits of someone wanting you to be happy???  If you do,  then why not do same to others???

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