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    Sometime last month, I and my roommate started this conversation about the state of the Nation and how fraudulent everyone had become.

    How some people criticize government when they themself will perform worse if in the same position.
    They are quick to condemn embezzlement but also quick to announce how they too would scoop their own share of the national cake if ever elected or selected for any of such positions…and these left us with the question of how atleast majority of genuinely good person can turn the Nation around for the better.

    I had to answer with this philosophy I have always nursed which encourages doing good in that small position of yours.

    We all won’t be president or high government officials in position of bringing massive change but we will all be somebody in position to do even the slightest good long as we are alive.

    In that small office as an employer, employee or self employed, try as much as possible to do good because we never can tell how much positive influence that slight deed of ours will bring to the beneficiaries who might live to continue such good acts in even bigger positions than ours…and gradually, the trend of evil will fade away to an era of good doers.

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    Yes I fully agree with you, a wise man once said “you don’t have to be rich to give to the poor” this is the summary of it all.

    A lot of rich and influential people have had less impact on others than the not so rich ones. Do good every little chance you have and sometimes you can go out of your comfort zone to do it too.

    We discussed in this thread:

    if you died today what would you be remembered for?

    About the impact we have made in our own little ways. And a participant talked about the impact he has made in arts and literature. And that was a bit of encouragement for me.

    I think we should have the mindset of making impacts no matter how little we think it maybe.

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    @samson you are perfectly correct and you have said it all
    Let each and everyone of us do good in our own small corner and like magic you will see the whole system change for the better.

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    Integrity is doing what is meant to be done when no one is watching…

    The thing about the ‘Nigerian Mentality’ is that : If we’re not doing it to be rewarded, we’re doing it for “Eye-service”

    Even those who try to be all disciplined are somehow caught exploiting others in their small corners…

    It takes a great deal of self-respect to do the right things without being monitored.

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    The issue of eye service is just too deceitful especially when done repeatedly.

    We were all born humans and humans have this high tendency of deceit which makes it very hard to be honest with anything but there is always this tingling sensation (no matter how small) of genuine happiness whenever we do something right against intense temptation especially when no one is watching.

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