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    In relationships there are always ups and downs…

    We are not guaranteed of anything…

    We just enjoy it as it goes.

    Sometimes we least expect the turn of events…

    When we feel we’re “Home and dry” it happens…

    There’s a Ā heartbreak and we feel hurt inside.

    My question is…

    How do you react to Hurts…

    Have ever been hurt?

    We all react to issues like this differently so I’ll go first…

    Talking to people about heartbreak is not my thing…

    Letting it choke me is not my thing either…

    I just write.

    Either I write it as it is or cloud it on a sarcastic way with undertones and then share…

    This helps a lot..

    It heals too…

    Let’s hear from you..

    How do you cope with issues like this?

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    I write too but in a rap sing format with rhymes and punchlines that’d make me smile amidst the circumstance but that is not my strong suit for coping.

    The best for me is soliloquizing.
    Talking to myself and YES, like a mad person.
    After I’ve had that long conversation with myself it’d seem like I actually talked to someone about it and also learnt the errors (mine or theirs) that must have led to such disappointment.

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    Writing helped me a lot in the past. The moment I write it I feel like I have removed a weight off me. This is how I discovered my love and talent for it. Now, however, I get scared to write some of the hurts because it would mean that I have to revisit every ounce pain/hurt I felt when it happened. I have grown to a point where I just pray, and let it go. I force good thoughts to replace the hurt, forgive myself and whoever is involved, even make excuses for them if possible and let it go.

    Most of the time when we are hurt we tend to stay away from people either because we are embarrassed to share how we feel or because we think that they won’t understand what we are going through; how wrong we are. Talking to someone about it can really really help remove some of the burden. The person would be a support and help you see yourself in a good light again. Suffering alone would only stretch the pain you feel.

    #Be sure the person you are talking to about it is the right person. Someone who would make you know that your hurt is normal and would not use it against you.

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    Anytime I am heartbroken, I just listen to good music. Preferably gospel music and trust me, I would be just fine

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    To add to what I previously wrote, during hurting times I observe that when I go out to do fun / silly things with friends like seeing a movie at the cinema or just staying out cracking jokes, it lightens my mood. Staying outdoors a lot with friends helps. Keeping to self a lot just makes you remember again, but at least the fun memories with friends becomes a solace.

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