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    I have been encountering quite some conspiracy theories
    about a huge variety of things. I have read them and
    while some of them make some sense,
    others are very clearly to be taken with huge pinch of salt.

    Most of these things however are so far out of our control,
    that we should not allow these truths or half truths or falsehoods,
    to disturb our current life.

    I think it is a good thing to have some doubts.
    I am not sure about the original version of the stories,
    I am not sure about the truth of the conspiracy theories.

    Whatever the truth about many of these ‘facts’ on which people
    have created conspiracy theories, the facts seem to be not flattering humanity.

    We are aware that there is still a lot abuse of power going on in this world.
    We are aware that still so many governments are extremely corrupt ALL over the world.
    We are aware that justice is far from being served in many, many places.

    Let us face that. We do not have to let this wickedness that is still around abundantly,
    disturb our peace of mind. What we can do is steadily work towards a better world.
    We do not have to change the whole world at once, no one can do that.
    We can however make small but significant differences in our own small living world.
    We can make small changes in our own workplace, or school or family.
    We can choose to perform a random act of kindness today and tomorrow and every other remaining day of the week.
    We can choose to smile at the lonely person on the bench in the park or the homeless person on the street.
    We can choose to give the best of our service to the people we know, to the people we do not know.
    The more people make the choices like above, the faster this world will be cured from the ills causing all conspiracy theories and many more.

    Let us start today. The world is getting better. Be a part of the movement

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    1. Nice job brother, I think we all have this mentality, things could work for the best. I’m part of the movement too shah, I hope am approved, lol
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    @ikenna, thank you, that’s the spirit. In changing the world and making it a better place, everyone is and should be involved. So, yes! Let’s not just make our voices heard but also to work towards a better world. No help is little. God help us all in our endeavors

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    The world is definitely not getting better. The world is sick -politically, educationally, morally, emotionally and in every sphere. People continue too conspire to enslave others (Libya), to rob nations (money laundering), criminals escape justice (convicted politicians being welcomed with song and dance and church thanksgivings) and so on.

    Yes I agree that we should do out bit to make the world a better place but I think we can do better. Let us have a conspiracy of our own. Let church goers and church leaders learn to treat everyone as equals and question the showy lifestyle of their members.Let us conspire to stone the car of the ‘Honourable’ or ‘Excellency’ who comes home once in a while to distribute rice rather than execute constituency projects as a village did in Enugu. Let us be bound in a conspiracy to cut out living the lie and promoting it.

    And then when we, in our own little corner, work hard to ensure we are not like those we conspire against, the world will gradually begging to get better.

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    It’s indeed a good ideology on this write up. It has been all said than done. Action speaks louder than words.
    It’s time to get up to our feet and maintain our ground.

    This stone-hearted men are busy planning ahead while we follow up.

    This coming as one to face the fact that we are of the capability to say No! it’s not this way but this way

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