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    It should be a thing of joy and gladness if we hear someone saying the truth. But I have seen people who speak the truth being killed/punished for it.
    People don’t want to hear the truth, they don’t want to see you preaching the truth, You tell them the truth they call you stupid, You tell them the truth? They add your name to the list of their frenimies, You tell them the truth? They’ll plan on how to get rid of you quickly, You tell them the truth? They put shackles on you, Tell them the truth? Then you are not civilized, Tell them the truth? You get looked down upon.

    You told them lies? They promote you, You told them lies? You become their friends, You told them lies? You become honoured and respected, You told them lies? They’ll see you as their god, You told them lies? They bow down for you.

    Why does lies trump the truth?

    If this keeps happening, how do you want the next generation to believe in the truth?

    How do you want to encourage those who want to speak the truth if others who speak lies are being favoured?

    The good ones are now silent because they don’t want to get killed for saying the truth.

    DAMN IT!

    When will the truth set us free?

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    Volani E
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    It can! When we have the right definition for truth!

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    This adage I feel you are talking about here comes from the Bible.
    The context here means when you read the Bible, the Bible will tell you the truth and that truth will set you free from the effects of your former ‘false beliefs’

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    Sometimes meanings are beyond literally. Being set free doesn’t necessary have to mean evading peoples wrath or hatred for the truth but it could mean being at peace with yourself.

    Have you ever been so burdened by the truth that the only time you felt peace and light-heartedness was after you’ve known or told that truth?

    Now, that could also be the freedom the truth is to bring.

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    Do you know why we are encouraged to tell the truth more? Because when you tell the truth, you wouldn’t feel the necessity to prove anything. Even if you are made to prove it, it still would be simple as you would have nothing to hide/cover. You would present things the way it happens. There will be no tugging feeling or weight in your heart as like when you tell a lie.
    As for a lie, first their is that weight as mentioned, then there is the challenge of defending the lie, which would need another lie. Things becomes worse for you when the issue is a prolonged one and you feel the need to continue lying just to defend yourself. If you had simply told the truth, the matter would have died easily, and the continuous stress of having to cook up another lie wouldn’t be necessary – isn’t this bondage by itself?
    This phrase is about our conscience – when you tell the truth, your conscience is clean, but when you lie you can never be free. You tell the truth to set your own self free first, even when others do not believe it; eventually they’ll come around. Your freedom is more important because you know what you speak for or stand for is the truth whether people like it or not.

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    In reality, everything you do has its risks attached to it – whether you speak the truth or lie. However, only truths, facts, can build and heal lives. Lies tear things apart. However, I kind of learnt a strange irony – the truth allowed to stray into the hands of devilish people is definitely dangerous. They abuse it monumentally, unless you learn to identify such people fast and protect yourself – which may include NOT TELLING THEM IMPORTANT FACTS they could use against you (or blocking them out in any way necessary). The truth can set free, but one must be alert like the eagle – not everyone can handle the truth, and not everyone BELIEVES in the truth either.

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