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    I’m a very lively person; I like interacting with people every day. I cannot stand to be by myself for an extended period; I just feel restless after a while. The problem is that sometimes, I don’t have a choice, especially when nobody I can interact with is anywhere near.

    Introverts of the world, how do you cope? Please share your secrets!

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    Why not sleep? That way, you don’t have to interact with anyone at all.

    Or you can listen to music.

    Or maybe read a book.

    If all fails, you can try talking to yourself. Since nobody is around to judge, nobody will think you are crazy.

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    You have a good problem, Cantanca. At least, as personfree has said, you can solve it by distracting yourself to forget about your solitude.

    On the other hand, an introvert in the middle of many people cannot easily distract himself when he is forced to engage with people who he would rather not be talking to.

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    Femi Onileagbon
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    I am an introvert and I love it. There are times I don’t go beyond my gate for weeks. But for the need to dispose of refuse or water my plants, there would have been times I would not have got out of the main house.

    Mind you solitude can be a blessing if you know what to do with it. What do I do? I write most of the time when I’m not editing or doing the book work for a manuscript. I watch films, dance, listen to music and read. Just finished Toyin Falola’s ‘a mouth sweeter than salt.’ This way, I control who I see and who influences my daily activities as well as banish loneliness. I have achieved more creatively since I became an active introvert than before.

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    • @cantanca, it  doesn’t seem to me that those character traits you mentioned automatically makes you an extrovert. As a psychiatrist with more than 10 hours experience, I think you’re suffering from certain issues. The things you explained up there are symptoms of hyper activity, attention deficit disorder and loneliness.  You just feel restless after a while because of attention deficit disorder, you cannot concentrate on something. Also, you just need someone to interact with at all cost, you’re lonely . You can’t just stay by yourself. Your life is dull and uneventful, hence, you don’t enjoy your own company. Please speak with a certified psychiatrist before you slip into depression or become suicidal. You must learn to enjoy your own company, even the most extroverted people still enjoy times is solitude. Cheers!
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    @cantanca being an introvert is not as bad as you think. We enjoy our own company. Most of the time we’re in our own world or space and it’s really satisfying because we detach ourselves from the drama happening in the world but then we know a lot more about the world and what’s going on in it compared to extroverts because we have a lot of time on our hands to do our research and read books. We want to have fun but then we don’t want to leave our comfort zone. We want to have friends over but then we don’t want to talk. We don’t “cope” it’s just the way we are.

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    I’m an introvert too, or should I say I used to be because now I’m neither here nor there…but more of the former. Truth be told, I sometimes get bored of my own company and yearn for others but there goes my personality saying NO. Now what I do in times like this, is to either revisit my hobbies or try out new ones.

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    A lot of people interpret our behavior as a sign that we are not having fun, not enjoying their company or not enjoying life. This makes them feel bad. They feel partly responsible for our behavior. Then, some sort of messed up chemical combustion occurs in their brains and their guilt translates into judgment.
    In the blink of an eye, critical words roll off their tongues with surprising ease. These criticisms are often disguised as helpful observations. The person actually believes that they are doing us a service by pointing out our supposed flaws.
    There are people out there who are incapable of seeing the world beyond their limited perspective. They believe that their way of thinking, behaving and having fun is the only way.
    Because they are discontent when they are alone, they assume we are as well. They have trouble understanding the value of reflection and introspection because these are things that they rarely do. Because they are loudmouths, they can’t fathom why we would choose to be quiet.
    Unlike the guilty critic, there are very few chemical combustions happening in an ignorant person’s brain. The thinking machine is on autopilot and the hamster is asleep.
    This is the all-encompassing factor. Both the guilty and the ignorant are influenced by cultural norms. Depending on where you’re from, introversion still has varying degrees of stigma attached to it. Many cultures perpetuate the idea that quietness is a negative trait. Society worships the extrovert ideal and degrades introversion.
    The United States, in particular, has become a party-going, high-fiving and fist-pumping sort of culture. If you don’t fit the mold, there must be something wrong with you. Critics who are influenced by their culture believe they are doing us (and society) a favor by singling us out. After all, we can’t have rogue personalities running amuck and challenging societal norms. No, no we can’t have that.

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    I consider myself an introvert because I like my own company and I can go on for long periods without speaking to anyone or seeing anyone. It just comes naturally and its not something I force or I can help, it just happens.

    I learnt that the best way to solve a problem is by acknowledging it’s presence. Now you know you crave the company of other people, I think it’s important that you find purposeful meetings to interact with others. Maybe you can join a club or a social gathering or something you have an interest in.

    I don’t you have a problem. Just your uniqueness you have to learn how to adapt to properly.

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    Most time we resort to listening to people who disapprove us for who we are.

    l will better prefer to have an introvert as a neighbor that having an extrovert. I am the type that keep to myself and my colleagues do disapprove me for not being an extrovert. I have also realized that I do achieve a lot for being who I am. Especially when an argument erupts up, I am always the last to finalize the issue which makes the said people to question my loyalty, honesty and wisdom.

    I read with my time, cook, clean up and do things that matters, also relate with my environment peacefully.
    Being an Introvert is the only fulfilment to solitude. The truth is, we want to socialize with others at same time. simply table your time to the things that matter to you. Do Live it up in you.

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    I wouldn’t call myself an introvert but just to be sure I had checked the meaning online as, a shy, reticent person; or a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. Yep! I ain’t. I’m mix of intro and extroverts.

    It’s very easy for me to start a conversation with a complete stranger. Even though I don’t have time yet I like hanging out with family and friends if Lagos permits. On the other hand, I can stay away for days on end working and hoping no one knocks on my door.

    I’m sure have a degree of intro and extrovertive nature in them. I’m sure even if you’re an introvert but in the midst of the right set up of people whose company you enjoy, you’d likely manifest some extrovertive behaviour even though your default nature is more introvertive.

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