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    Aside from their extremism in judgement making them quick to crucify others, what other habit are some of these people fond of that needs a change?

    1. Neglect
    I’m so much of the notion that if you’re ever going to abandon something midway, then don’t even start it in the first place.
    Many parents have abandoned each other or their children in some religious pursuit. Now, my anger is why not discover your calling early enough to not have kids rather than going too spiritual and neglect your family that really needs your attention for their own spiritual growth?
    And we ask why the children of most dedicated religious faithfuls are going rogue?

    2. Distanced Place of Worship
    Some of these faithfuls choose a place of worship far from home which requires them travelling miles for hours wasting gas money that would have been put to better use if only they could worship at that nearest branch close to their house.
    I know a man that spends up to two thousand naira transporting his entire family to headquarters only to come back and drop barely a thousand naira for food.
    How logical?

    3. Praying Too Loud
    Your God is believed to be closer than the air you breathe neither does he have any hearing impairment so why exactly are you shouting at him?
    First is the noise pollution and then the total disregard for privacy.
    We need not hear what you are praying for neither do we want such volume of noise so try and keep it low.
    Even the prophets encouraged praying in your closest.

    Fellow Filtered Thinkers, what other habits do you think needs to be stopped by these faithfuls?

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    Volani E
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    Like someone once puts it_’we all look but see differently, the key is perception’_I.e how you see those things. Yes, they may be praying too loud_ free them. They may travelling far distance to worship_ free them, its not a waste. You may see it as neglect when they scold the kids_ free them still,, why? Judge nothing before the time. So you may see these as bad habit, no problem, it all lies in your perception!.


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    The second one can be overlooked but if you want to shout at your God it’s none of my business, just do it in a sound proof room or far far away from disturbing my sleep, study or solitude.

    And when I say abandon I meant total neglect due to some issue of them not sharing your faith and exact beliefs
    Perspective may differ but it doesn’t change truth to false rather it makes false seem true. There can never be a justification for abandoning your family for religious pursuit no matter how we view it.

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    A good Christian would never abandon his family because of the work of God, even God wouldn’t allow that, those who neglect their family because of their ministry are only using it as cover. There’s nothing hindering you from moving your family along with you to wherever the work of God takes you.

    By the way @samson have you ever been pained that instead of you pondering in your mind you begin to talk to yourself so loud that even those around you would think somethin else is wrong with you?
    Those who pray very loud have their reason, One of this might be because of the degree of problem the person is praying about, If you are praying just to appreciate God, you can never and will never pray such a prayer very loud but someone who is praying with pain in there heart would do that on top of their voices, they have suffered too long and all they think now is that maybe GOD has moved a distance from them, so they have to shout while praying for Him to listen or sometimes cry.

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    For number 1, which is neglect; tell me Samson, is the act of negligence something only religious persons do? Cause you make it seem like negligence is caused by religion. Also, I don’t agree with you. Majority of the children who grow up with high moral values and good character are bred in religious homes – not all, but most. How could they have developed these if they were neglected? So, I am quite surprised by your accusation. If you saw one family neglecting their children, does that mean all do the same?



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    In reply to the third point about loud prayers, It’s not about whether God is deaf or not, or whether He is far or near (Christians believe their God lives in them so there would be no need for them to shout before He can hear). It is much more. Take an instance:

    When I was a little girl, I spent my holidays with family friends. The husband and the wife loved each other so much. One day, the husband came home with a present for her – a Motorola phone, the very first one that came out in those days, along with 3310; phones were seen as luxury then, especially this Motorola. She didn’t have a phone then. Well, guess how she reacted – she screamed in delight and jumped on him hugging him tightly in front of us all without a single shame. She was very grateful.

    Now, relationship with God for most people is on a very deep level. If one could celebrate a fellow human with such joy, how much more their God.

    The lady in the story didn’t need to scream or make noise about the thank you, she could have done that quietly in their bedroom but she was unable to contain her joy. So why are we always hypocritical and criticise Christians or other religions persons who raise their voices loud in prayer? That you don’t understand it doesn’t make their style of worship senseless.

    How about night clubs that play their music till dawn or even your fellow neighbors playing loud music first thing in the morning? You don’t see anyone complaining about that, but prayer is a worse problem? Jeez.

    Yes, there are prayer hypocrites, maybe you can speak to your neighbor to tell them to tune it down, cause I am not one to encourage noise, but then hope you do same for nightclubs, etc


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    The act of negligence is not something only religious people do, I’m sorry if I made it seem so but my emphasis was that by the virtue of their doctrines on love they are the least expected to be guilty of such act and when they are, it just simply contradicts whatever they think to be standing for, especially when their reasons or should I call it excuses are religious.

    Like how would a religious person do such an un-religious thing for religious reason(s)?

    My issue of praying with a loud voice is really being misunderstood here.
    I have no problem with that whatsoever as long as you are not disturbing the next man who is not in such mood and trying to have some peace of mind.
    Of course, you’re free to yell your voice out if you wish but that freedom ends where the next man’s freedom of “noiseless” privacy starts.
    The case of your aunt’s happiness was a sudden one that lasted for a very short duration which is so much bearable than hours of ceaseless loud prayers that my ears shouldn’t be suffering for.

    For nightclubs, that is a different topic for another post. The Lagos State Government once had a law against noise pollution but I doubt if it still operates.

    Let’s put sensitivity aside, noise pollution is noise pollution no matter the sacredness of the source.

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    Only God can answer that question of why their children do go rogue, because even with the best possible care and attention, some don’t just turn out to be good just as other people’s children. The men of God are human beings as well, they do sin on their own, so we shouldn’t just expect their children to be saints.

    I wanna take this issue of neglect in a different angle

    Dr. Neils Bronnum, the founder of Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN)  lost his wife on his quest to bring the Lutheran Gospel to Numan, Adamawa State. His Pregnant wife gave birth while on the journey and died. He called home for his relatives to pick up the child and the dead body of his wife and go back to Denmark while he continued his journey to the then Gongola (Adamawa) State. He didn’t allow that hinder him, and today, we have LCCN because of his sacrifice. So if I may ask, could that be neglect? Having continued his journey despite having a dead wife and a newly born baby?

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    A nice scenario despite the be event but that isn’t the type of neglect I meant.

    The type of neglect I meant was him not attending his dead wife’s funeral and not sending funds for the newborn’s upkeep.

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    Who are these men of God?
    How do you know them?
    Most Religious Faithfuls don’t see anything good in any other person, as far as you don’t worship in the same denomination with them. No matter what you do, the persons they see as their relations are their ‘ faith members.
    They have succeeded in sowing seed of discord between brothers, sisters, family members saying the person in another faith has done this or that.

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    Some of these things may be bad to some of us but OK for others.

    Again, what’s the yardstick in measuring what is good or bad?

    Something you find or consider good may be totally repulsive to me…

    And vice versa.

    That being said…

    @adebulu just a clarification…

    someone leaving their family for religious purpose is not bad and we are not God to know whether e doesn’t like  it or not.

    There are some families that even egg their loved ones to travel far just for Religious purposes…

    They don’t see it as “Neglect” so I don’t see any reason why another should see it as that.

    We all have different ways of following religion and Religious practices…

    So long as it doesn’t affect this next person…

    All well and nice.

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    Chijann, please, how does your reply relate to the topic in question? You seem to be citing an entirely different subject.

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