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    Ass kissing is almost synonymous to eye service but usually misunderstood as respect or the other way round.

    Kissing ass is lobbying, which is characterized with being overly respectful allot a sudden only because of some short or long term favour in mind.

    Many workers are guilty of this act to their bosses or superiors especially for promotion. They become “Yes men” who always agree to whatever their Oga says whether right or wrong. They refuse to stand any of their grounds with fear of falling out of favour therefore becoming more or less puppets.

    On the other hand, genuine respect is readily misinterpreted as asskissing in organisations especially in ones with strict superiors.
    Subordinates see the slightest of their fellows to that superior as appeasing the gods meanwhile that fellow was only being genuinely respectful to their superior as courtesy demands.

    This begs the question.

    How can one differentiate asskissing from genuine respect?

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    Most times the difference between asskissing and genuine respect is that the person who is indulging in the act of asskissing does it when the person he wants to impress will see and notice his/her act while someone giving a genuine respect does it even when the person he is giving that respect does not even know
    They asskisser over exaggerates his/her loyalty foolishly while a genuine respecter gives his respect in matters that are ‘due’
    Asskissing are mostly to gain an undue favor while genuine respect is often not for any motive
    Asskissing are faked actions and not from the bottom of the heart while genuine respect are real actions
    Asskissing is momentary,it only lasts for a while, when the Asskisser is still looking for a favor from the person/people he is kissing their ass while genuine respect lasts forever unless in conditions where the person respected behaves in a bad manner that makes him/her not to deserve that/those respect any longer.

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    @samson of Asskissing is not a virtue and will never be.

    The thing is..

    Respect is not a lie.

    Respect don’t come with struggle..

    You don’t force it, it can only be earned.

    When I see people Asslicking or Asskissing as the case may be,  I just laugh because, deceit has not gotten anyone Respect.

    Asskissing is also temporary..

    With the passage of time it will wither..

    Respect should be earned.

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    An asskisser most times is a very cunny person

    He/she pretends as if he has respect when he is seeking for something from a person he is kissing his/her ass

    If you want to  know if he has a genuine respect, just act as if  that thing he is kissing the ass is no longer available, he  will withdraw his fake respect.

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    Hehehehe, see my life outside as I was actually thinking about the other ass kissing.

    Anyways, a boot licker would usually do whatever he/she does to get noticed and have undue rewards most times while someone who genuinely respects you will do things to the best of his/her knowledge (in and outside your presence) for conscience satisfaction and not necessarily targeted to gain your deep admiration.

    It’s the outcome of such constantly exhibited positive traits that would eventually earn your true respect.

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