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    This is August 2018. Just barely half a year remaining for the general elections in Nigeria to start off
    Both presidential election and others
    The whole place is getting heated up, defections here and there, accusations and counter-accusations
    Our politicians should try to thread with caution and for once try to play politics without bitterness, rancor and otherwise
    The elections should be allowed to be free and fair so that the people’s choice should count
    No killings, no anarchy and other vices
    Let’s all try to give the INEC the chance to get it right this time around
    If we get it right, it is still us that will enjoy it and have a better country we can call our own
    Let all of us join hands together and salvage this country because no one if not us will do that for us

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    Exactly. It baffles me when I hear people talking about not having anything to do with politics. People fail to understand that ignorance is the reason as to why we are where we are today. The prices of rice, beans, maize and all other things depends on politics. If we have a good leader in place, those things will be affordable to everyone else.

    It baffles me to hear people say their vote doesn’t count. If at all your vote doesn’t count, then why do politicians pay to have your votes?

    We should be wise. It is our collective duty to move Nigeria to the next level. No one person can do that

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