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    Who else heard how His Excellency described Nigerian youth at one Commonwealth bla bla bla?

    He portrayed us as lazy and relying on the fact that Nigeria is oil rich therefore we want everything free.

    Do you think he misspoke?

    I think the biggest error in that statement was the generalization.
    Amidst the uproar by youths after such indictment, the comment still bears some truth which is worth buttressing no matter how annoying.

    I’ve seen youths been forced to take a job only to outrightly refuse or take it and get themselves fired due to so many unprofessional habits which is worsened by their unwillingness to change.

    These youths, of course will have to depend on their working class parents, relatives, neighbours and outsiders for survival which become aggressive.

    Now, in the above case, he made a correct statement except for the generalization.

    Another error in his comment was the issue of education he rubbed on our faces.
    Saying that laziness is the reason we don’t want to go to school is just too quick a conclusion.

    Does he know how many potential scholars have been disenfranchised from furthering their education due to economic constraint which the government is required to have made avoidable?
    Even such a comment indicts him too as not only an insensitive leader but also one who couldn’t finish his schooling in the days when national education was free with free school meal as incentive.


    The third error that also backfired was about depending on the Nation’s oil.
    The memes are like; “Look who is talking?”
    Your son’s line of work is undisclosed yet he rides on millions of Naira motorcycle and flies private jets.
    Not to mention the salaries of senators talk less of their allowances with silly names. If these senators earn more than you do and your son crashed such an expensive bike, do we still need to estimate how much the senators children be blowing on a daily.

    And those hawkers, truck pushers, conductors etc. are lazy because they can’t save enough to fund themselves through an education system that is more expensive than its worth?

    If this government is sensitive enough, we the youth deserve an apology.

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    Volani E
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    It shouldn’t surprise us any more as to how the president has sold out this country with sheer ignorance and illicit words and description.
    Heard they were fighting against hateful words_ please how do we describe this.
    How can the youth be vibrant and willing without providing the required amenities like electricity and so on.

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    In a country were unemployment,  hunger is the order of the day, as a youth,  we could be lazy at times,  but can u really blame us,  everyday we go out and come back with same result,  the government has failed us,  it is clear now in Nigeria,  that to get a job,  u must know somebody,  how else can you compete in this kind of situation,  but u apply anything,  one knows the end result already,  should one still bother himself knowing fully it’s the same result everyday

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    Today youths are not lazy its just that the economic downturn of the country has moved from bad to worst,we live in a country where the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer,the rich has the best of life and the poor couldn’t afford to eat three square meal a day.

    The youth has been struggling to get the best out of life,some youths are graduate but there is no work ,some wants to be but no money to further their education. Considering the problem at hand the government should try helping the youths instead of criticizing  them ,they need to be appreciated in so many ways e.g provision of work

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    If we are not lazy, which I completely agree to, then what exactly prompted His Excellency to make such remark about us especially considering the fact that he has also made known his intention to run for another tenure?

    Does that statement zero the youth support for him during electioneering process?

    Why make such a sensitive comment which is hypocritical for a politician, careless for a politician with intentions to be voted for again very soon and contradictory for a politician who preaches against hate speeches or any kind?

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    Answer: No

    Evidence : why are you here?

    Even our ‘President’ didn’t answer to the question they asked him, he shifted blame for pulling out of the free trade agreement signed by 44 countries on Bokoharam and the youths.

    #Thats what lazy people do.

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    No, we are not LAZY, but he might be right to some extent since he said ”Most of the Nigerian Youths”.

    Election will be due now, this same youths who are jumping up and down in disapproval of how His Excellency called them Lazy would still because of the little amount of money they’ll get from Contestant A becomes bouncers, they’ll snatch ballot boxes then run away with it, Just to get a limited reward, now isn’t that Laziness?

    You don’t want to work for your right then you’ll probable get walked upon with your rights, that’s what His Excellency is trying to say.


    Maybe he’s indirectly calling us into action, he surely know we are trying our best and he wanted to use that negative comment to gear us up, Imagine you calling a Kid who is scoring 2nd position in his class a dullard, Two things will happen to that kid.

    1. He might be frustrated that upon all his efforts he’s still been addressed as a dullard.

    2. He might think twice, he’ll get motivated from those scornful words the work more to score the 1st position next time and if he succeed, you wouldn’t have the right to call him a dullard again.

    Maybe PMB thought we are not trying enough and he wanted us to put more effort.

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    You mean the youths of a nation that has practically left them to cater for their basic rights/amenities such as power, good education, work opportunities, etc? How can anyone call us lazy when we practically do these things ourselves- things that the government are supposed to provide? The average youth of this country doesn’t even consider the government in his/her survival. S/He worries only about how to make it because s/he knows counting on the government for these things would lead to dissappointments. We basically do everything for ourselves. So you can’t call us lazy.

    In every country there are people who would always want the free thing. People who do not want to work to succeed, however, it is unfair to use them as a benchmark to measure the hard work of youths.

    Take a walk around your street- just imagine how many private businesses, kioks, hawkers, etc currently moving around hustling for their money/survival. You call that laziness?

    The president should be careful of the kind of statements he makes when he is on a platform like the Commonwealth Meeting. Just imagine, the world heard him call his nation lazy. Doesn’t he know that such statements reflect poorly on him as a leader?

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    No I don’t think today’s youth are really lazy.
    Na condition make crayfish bend
    No matter how agile and strong you are to a work but the materials to work are not there there is nothing you can do. This is the case with Nigerian youth
    The environment is not enabling for the youths to be fully active
    Where you see job sef?
    When you create your own job, no amenities to help you
    Out of frustration, it now looks as if we are lazy.

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