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    Well, June has come and gone. That means that three months have now passed since the first Rolling Competition was announced, and thus, the Competition has come to an end.

    Instead of randomly selecting just a single person from the 3rd to 5th positions to get the third prize, we have decided to be generous and give all three persons in the 3rd to 5th positions a prize.

    Here are the final results for the competition for the Filtered Thinker with the most points, with their prizes:

    • 5th place (N15,000) with 667 points – @aezolase
    • 4th place (N15,000) with 840 points – @chinasa
    • 3rd place (N15,000) with 887 points – @mayjovey
    • 2nd place (N25,000) with 2,325 points – @chijann
    • and finally, 1st place (N5o,000) with 2,422 points – @samson

    In addition, there was also the prize of N30,000 for the person who got the most points for starting threads with Thoughtful Comments – this again goes to @samson.

    Congratulations to the prize winners – we will be in touch to award you your prizes soon.

    We will be putting all competitions on a hiatus while we review where we want to go with this site. We do encourage you to keep posting and awarding points (most of you who have over 2oo points should be able to do this); we are hoping to reintroduce competitions again, and it will be those who have been awarded points recently who will be likely be able to take part.

    Thanks again for your participation, and keep on keeping your thoughts filtered.

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