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    When we announced the launch of the Filtered Thoughts inaugural competition over seven weeks ago, we didn’t think we would get the variety of interesting discussions filled with interesting insights that we’ve seen since then. We are really gratified that we’ve evoked such a response.

    Well, the time has come to recognise those who have contributed to such interesting discussions by awarding them the prizes announced at the start of the competition. The prizewinners as as follows:

    For posters whose posts had the most points:

    • 1st prize of 200,000 naira, and the title of Leading Filtered Thinker: Femi Onileagbon
    • 2nd prize: 100,000 naira: Samson
    • 3rd prize: 75,000 naira: Aezolase

    4th to 10th prizes of 10,000 naira:

    • Mayjovey
    • Blacknizer
    • Talklessthinkmore
    • Chijann
    • Chinasa
    • Janefrancis
    • Juliet


    For posters whose threads had the most points:

    • 1st prize of 75,000 naira: Chijann
    • 2nd prize of 50,000 naira: Mayjovey
    • 3rd prize of 25,000 naira: Blacknizer


    We will be contacting each of the winners via the email that they provided when they registered in order to arrange for how to deliver their prizes.


    And now, a request.

    If you have enjoyed reading the contributions in this competition;

    If you believe it is important to encourage the growth of conversations that inform, enlighten and empower us;

    Then we encourage you to share the news on social media on other outletsĀ so that other people know that there is a site that is serious about promoting meaningful discussions and recognising insightful contributions to those conversations.

    We especially call on all prizewinners to share the news about their win on social media; this will help to boost the credibility of the site, especially when people are distrustful of organisations that promise much but do not deliver.

    We have already said that this is not the end of Filtered Thoughts; we intend to continue to have quarterly awards, based on the contributions of Filtered Thoughts Universe members, and we welcome any ideas that you may have to help to spread awareness of the site and help its growth.

    With that said, thank you all for taking part, and keep on filtering your thoughts.

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