Filtered Thoughts Rolling Competitions

At Filtered Thoughts, we want to continue what we’ve started with the Inaugural Filtered Thoughts competition, where we rewarded intelligent and insightful commenters with prizes totalling over N500,000 naira.

You can see more about the prize awards and those who were awarded the prizes  by  visiting these threads:


Saying Thank You

Talk and Do


To keep the interesting conversation rolling, we are announcing the Filtered Thoughts Rolling Competitions, where every three months, we will be giving prize money to the Filtered Thinker with the most points at the end of the quarter.

The rules are similar to those for the Inaugural Competition – they are as follows:

1. Register at

2. Either:

i. Start a thread on an interesting topic that you think people will make interesting posts on, or

ii. Look for a thread that you think is interesting, and make an interesting post on that thread.

You can start as many threads or make as many posts as you like.


Your contributions will be judged by a panel who will give any interesting, largely original post 10 points, based on the following criteria:

1. Is it informative? Does it go beyond merely telling people what they know already and educate them by telling them something worth knowing that they did not already know, especially because there is information that is worth knowing for the future that can make a material difference in their lives?

2. Is it insightful? Does it provides a new way of looking at facts that people might not have previously considered, but that helps them understand the world better?

3. Is it interesting? Does it tell people something that they might already know, but tell them in a way that captures their attention (e.g. because it uses an imaginative way to tell it to them)?

4. Is it witty? Does it make people smile without resorting to gratuitous personal or group insults?

You can also get an idea as to what kinds of posts are deserving of points by looking at posts that have been awarded points, here.


The judges will also remove points for posts that:

1. are off-topic;
2. spam advertising;
3. are personal insults;
4. gratuitously incite ethnic or religious hatred.


In addition to the posts made, there may be debates and other competitions whose winners can get additional points for winning.

Referring other people to register on the site will also enable members to win points, as long as the referred person lists the person who referred them to the site when they register. If a referrer member gets another person to sign up, then twenty-five percent of any points won by the new signup will be added to the referrer member’s points.

At the end of the quarter, the points for each member’s posts will be added up, and the following prizes will be awarded:

1st prize (to the person with the highest points): 50,000 naira, and title of Quarterly Filtered Thinker;

2nd prize (to the person with the second highest points): 25,00o naira;

A winner will be randomly selected from between the 3rd and 5th persons for an additional prize of 15,000 naira.

In addition, the points from each thread started by each member will be added, and a prize of 30,000 naira will be awarded to the person the most points. However, for a thread to qualify to be given points, there must be at least five posts that have been given points by the Reviewers in that thread.

Lastly, anyone who has over 2oo points will be eligible to be a Reviewer for the next quarter.


The first installment of these rolling competitions has started now; all posts between March 21 and June 30 will be evaluated, with the prize awards taking place shortly afterwards.

We trust that you will compete with the spirity of honesty; however, we reserve the right to disqualify anyone if we believe that they are artificially attempting to gain an unfair advantage.

If you have any questions, head over to the Contact Us page where we will be glad to answer you.

So chime in with your most imaginative and thoughtful contributions. Get writingget people discussing, and get winning!